To make a meaningful impact in gaming.


Pioneering key technologies which create value for gamers.

Born as a tournament organiser, Hive Gaming was built out of the desire to foster connections between gamers. While we have shifted our eyes towards technology, our focus is still on leveraging our gaming past to fuel our gaming future. We want to be involved in the memorable experience of every gamer worldwide.

Our flagship product, Prosper, is the world’s largest pick’em competition and has already amassed over 20,000 pre-registered users across Europe and Asia. With coverage in over 200 countries around the globe, the buzz around our products has become exponential – seeing user growth at 205% month-on-month.

Supported by a strong partnership with GRID, we have exclusive access to data coverage of major esports titles seen on the shelves of most gamers. With further added benefits in technology and marketing support, we’re able to enhance both product experience and product exposure, allowing Hive Gaming to reach 28,000 monthly viewership. This web has allowed Hive Gaming to create structure around our products, specifically Prosper.

As a technology company, our stack is full of proprietary tech that we have built from the ground up. This patent pending technology will allow us to explore new projects that bring artificial intelligence into the esports community. We want to live on the cutting edge of technology, finding ways to weave the ever-improving technological market into the gaming community.

From experiences dreamt up by our gamers who have had more consoles than dates. To become reality by our hard working developers who only rest during internet outages. Hive Gaming delivers the gaming community with out-of-the-box unique experiences that’ll even bring back that old friend who hasn’t logged back in for years.




Tech Shift

• Acquired by the Wu family

• Hive Gaming began its transition into technology

• Necta created and closed Beta version launched

hive banner


Shift Ahead

• Tech acquisitions - Deeds and Artemis

• Closed seed funding round

• Launch flagship product Prosper

• Team doubles in size



Humble Beginnings

• Hive Gaming began as a tournament organiser

• Amassed dedicated following

• Attracted reputable sponsors like Samsung, ASUS, Blizzard, mWave, PwC Careers Australia, UTS Careers and more.