Overwatch rules

UEL Overwatch Rules

1. General Rules

1.1 Player eligibility

1.1.1. All participants MUST be enrolled in a AUS/NZ University and have studied as a full-time or part-time student during 2018. i.e. if you graduated at end of semester 2 in 2017 and your ceremony is held in 2018, you are NOT eligible.

  • Warning: Non-uni entries may incur the risk of being disqualified throughout the entire tournament.

1.1.2. Any names that include profanity and inappropriate languages will not be allowed to enter.

1.1.3. All teams must only register 1 battlenet tag per player, this account must be owned solely by that player. Teams are unable to use players that are not register on the battlefy roster, failure to do so will result in heavy penalties.

  • Winning teams of either Cup 1-4, are not permitted to change their IGN
  • Registered IGN’s must be accurate, this includes participants that use umlauts within their names. E.g. ü or ä
  • Names must include hashtag number. E.g. UELPlayer#1234

1.1.4. Each registered team must have a minimum of six (6) core players and a maximum of one (1) sub.

1.1.5. It is the team captains responsibility to notify coordinators ASAP, if their core player is OR will be absent from the match. Resulting in a replacement with their sub.

1.2.Administration rights

The UEL match coordinators reserve the right to; Ban, Disqualify, remove, players or teams from the UEL tournament, to keep the games and tournament going at a consistent rate.

1.2.1. The rules may be adjusted for competitive fairness at any time without warning by the coordinators. Match coordinators may make a ruling on a case by case basis at any time to ensure competitive fairness.

1.2.2. All rulings and punishments are at the discretion of the match coordinators and may be overruled or altered at any time

1.2.3. Teams can be removed if;

  • They are purposely moving at a slow rate
    • Keeping teams in lobbies
    • Pausing constantly
    • Making disputes after every match

1.3.1. Teams/players in which are caught cheating or using exploits (on purpose) will be disqualified from the UEL tournament and may receive an extra penalty.

  • Players caught using any 3rd party programs will be disqualified as well as their team and the player will no longer be allowed to play the tournament.
  • Breaching the rules to a 3rd tier warning will result in immediate disqualification.

1.4.1. All player participating in the UEL must have their own hardware and internet properly set up and working before the event. UEL is not responsible for individual players hardware or internet.

  • The game may be paused if a player, disconnect from a standard router dropout.

2. Game Rules

2.1. Game Settings
  • Rule set: Competitive
  • Map rotation: Single Map
  • Return to lobby: After each game
2.2. Map pick/veto:

2.2.1 Available maps; Disable all maps except the one to be played.

  • Assault: Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries
  • Assault/Escort: Blizzard World, Eichenwalde, Hollywood, King’s Row,Numbani
  • Control: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis
  • Escort: Dorado, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

2.2.2. If there is a draw, a match has to be played on a control map until the first point is fully captured, leading to the win of the previous match.

2.2.3. Map ban/ pick phase

  • Highest seeded (e.g. 1 v 2, 1 is highest) team will ban first. Banning will continue until there are enough maps to play the match (bo3 = 3)
  • Lower seeded team will select the first map to play on.

2.2.4. Banning will happen using discord text channels. A text channel will be added to team vs. team groups. Only Team Captains will be able to talk in these channels.

2.3. Pauses: Pauses are forbidden in games without reason, if there is a disconnection, games maybe paused, Team Captain have to notify other team and tournament host/official of the pause immediately

2.3.1. Each team may have 10 minutes of pause time total

2.3.2. When resuming, both team captains have confirm they are ready to continue.

2.3.3. If one team runs out of pause time, they will have to resume the game. If said team refuse to resume, opposing team will win by default.

2.4. No Show

2.4.1. If a team fails to be ready within 15 minutes of scheduled time, communicate with tournament host/official to resolve and move to next game.

  • Teams can play with less players, but only if both teams agree.
2.5. Substitutes

2.5.1. Subs are only allowed to join between games, not during an in progress game.

2.6. Forfeit

2.6.1. Players can choose to forfeit a match, this will result in them losing the match and may incur a penalty

2.7. Spectators

2.7.1. People are allowed to spectate matches if both teams agree. Admins bypass this ruling and may nominate individuals to spectate for other purposes (Streamer or Shoutcaster).

2.8. Streaming

2.8.1. Streaming will only be allowed if the game is not currently being streamed through the official UEL stream.

3. Team Captains

3.1. Captains are to be on earlier than their team. This is so they can organise their team and get them on, on time.
3.2. Communication

3.2.1. Team captains will be responsible for;

  • Communicating with the other teams captain\
  • Collecting information from team to relay to other teams or admin(s)
3.2. Admin Support

3.2.1. Only team captains will be able to discuss matters with game disputes, unless other circumstances arise.

3.2.2. Only use the Voice chat or #Admin-Help Channel on discord when trying to communicate with admin, do not private message.

3.3. Results

3.3.1. Team captains will have to save and post the end of game screenshot

3.3.2. If there is the result of a dispute, communicate with administration to resolve. If a team tries to dispute for free wins and for no reason, they run the risk of being disqualified.

3.4. Choosing a Captain

3.4.1. Each team are responsible for electing a team captain.

4. Rule Violation Penalty Tiers

4.1. Tier 1: Minor offences – Warning

4.1.1. Bad Sportsmanship

  • Offensive Language
  • Talking over officials
  • Non-player banter
  • Disempowering comments
4.2. Tier 2: Major Offence – 2nd Warning

4.2.1. Delaying game start without proper reasoning

4.2.2. Second warning from Tier 1

4.2.3. Excessive pause time (over 10 minute limit)

4.3. Tier 3: Last Offence (3rd warning) – Disqualified from Tournament

4.3.1. Breaking tournament eligibility

4.3.2. Players caught cheating e.g. account sharing, aimbot, wallhacks

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