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prosper ultimate

prosper ultimate

Prosper adds another layer to the esports viewing experience with million-dollar life-changing jackpots. Entrants predict the player kill scores in a match to win up to $1 million every map. A world first, that’s never been seen before and leaves gamers hanging for more.


Necta lets you interact with your favourite streamers, YouTubers, and pro players in a way never seen before. We bridge the divide between fans and creators so you’re free to create these unique experiences, your own way. You could be rushing into Long A guns blazing with a CS:GO pro or taking it easy chilling in the streets of GTA V chatting about life. Talk, connect, and play.

Creating memorable experiences is as easy as logging into a marketplace and hitting go. Play across multiple platforms, all under one roof.


Artemes is a data analytics platform for the gaming industry, providing unique insights into the minds of video gamers.


The virtual goods trading platform used by thousands of gamers to safely buy, sell, and trade virtual game items.